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I have five beautiful kids whom I love dearly.  God has blessed me with four incredibly handsome boys and one beautiful petite little princess.

So lets go back fifteen years.  On December 12, 2000, my first child was born.  Erik was an impeccably good baby.  Even as he grew into I his toddler years, I didn’t have the same challenges other moms had when he was two.  So when he turned two, I decided I wanted a little girl.  On December 18, 2009, I moved to Georgia from Ft. Lauderdale to be with my husband.  Shortly after I moved to Georgia with my oldest son, I learned that I was pregnant.  Since this was my husband’s first child, he wanted to find out the sex of the baby the old fashion way.  He wanted to wait until the baby was born to find out if it was a boy or a girl.  Of coarse, anyone who knows me knows that this killed me the whole pregnancy! So I started putting it out there that even though it has not been confirmed, that it is a girl.  I told everyone that it was a girl because God knew I wanted one so bad.  So the whole pregnancy I rubbed my belly and referred to it as my princess, baby girl, etc.

October 5, 2010, we went in for an induction.  By October 6, 2010 our first born as a couple came into this world.  When the baby was born, they informed me that it was a boy!  Still on many medications  from the delivery, I sat up and asked the whole staff in the room if they were sure!  I just couldn’t believe I was wrong!  The feeling that it was my little princess was so strong!  So now I’m blessed with two beautiful boys at this point.

Three years later I’m pregnant again.  This time I told my husband WE WERE NOT GOING TO WAIT THIS TIME TO FIND OUT THE SEX OF THE BABY!  So, my husband, two sons, and I went to the ultrasound appointment to find out that we were having yet another boy.  While I was happy he was healthy and progressing, a part of me was heart broken because at this point my desire for my little princess grew stronger by the day.  By the time my third son turned one I accepted the fact that having a little girl just wasn’t in God’s plan for me.  I accepted it, but did not like it.  Honestly, I didn’t really accept it because we kept trying for a little while.  Our attempts were unsuccessful and I wasn’t getting any younger.  So I decided to put a time stamp on it.  I said if I did not have a little girl by the time I was thirty-five, THAT’S IT! I’m getting my tubes tied!

Early June of 2015, I find out that I’m pregnant with not one baby but two babies!  Immediately, when I found out, I looked up pointing my index finger saying to God “Oh you’re funny!”  At that point I was praying even harder for one of those babies to be my princess!  About four months into the pregnancy, I find out that I’m having yet ANOTHER BOY……..AND A GIRL!  I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy that I cried and started praising God.  In fact, I was so happy, I brought the ultrasound tech to tears because I don’t believe she ever saw someone so happy that they were having a girl!  Finally, on December 16, 2016 (two and a half months before my thirty-fifth birthday) I finally got to meet my little princess whom for thirteen years I asked and prayed for.  Of coarse, I am completely done having babies! I now have four beautiful boys and my little princess.

I gave up having a little girl because it didn’t happen on my time when I wanted it.  God had one plan and I had another

So when you ask God for something and He doesn’t make it happen immediately, don’t give up.  Believe me He hears you.  God does answer prayers.  It maybe immediately or in my case, thirteen years later.  God makes things happen on His time and according to His plan.  He will either answer your prayer exactly as you asked or with a little twist.  However, He will answer.  We just have to give it to Him, sit back, watch and listen…

1John 5:14-15

And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us.

And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of Him.




God Knows the Desires of Our Hearts

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