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We all have giants.  A giant, plainly put, is anything that is before us that we feel is bigger than us.  Let me say it again…. A giant is anything that is before us that we FEEL is bigger than us.  Addiction, a job, and bills are some of the many giants that we all face in our lives.  For me personally, my current giant is a huge giant with a BIG FAT DOLLAR SIGN on it!  My giant right now is my bills.  I face this thing everyday!

Here’s the kicker ya’ll!  No matter how big my giant is, God is so much bigger! I face my giant with God on my side!  It’s an amazing feeling to know that being a child of God, I am protected and taken care of.  So no matter what giant I face, I know that God is at the front!  All I have to do is have faith.  Listen, when I say have faith, I mean it only takes a little!  God is complex and simple all the same.  All He asks for is a grain of a mustard seed of faith.  THAT’S IT! I mean, have you seen how small a grain of a mustard seed really is?  One grain is 1-2 millimeters in size! That is TINY!  But that’s all it takes.  That little bit of faith is all it takes to give us power over any giant that comes our way.  That is just amazing to me!

So my question to you dear friend is this: What giants are you facing today?  Are you facing them by yourself?  If so, how is that working for you?  You must find yourself tired and defeated a lot.  I know that’s how I felt when I was fighting by myself.  Look, life is hectic as it is folks.  If you know that there is an easier route than the route you’re currently on, then why not take the easier route? Makes sense right?  Try it! You’ve tried everything else, so why not try just one more thing.  A mustard seed.  That’s all it takes…mustard seed

Matthew 17:20

He said to them, “Because of your little faith.  For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to his mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”


God Knows the Desires of Our Hearts


Faith is All We Have


  1. Vania Doss

    This was so helpful to me today

    • meandmyjourney

      I’m so glad it helped you! Keep your head up. Whatever you’re facing, God is much bigger!

  2. Blanca

    This is really great and so true! Thanks so much for sharing it. When I see those Giants, I sometimes have a knee-jerk reaction like, “Oh! How am I going to overcome this?!?!”. But, then I remember, I cannot overcome it on my own strength and I give it up to GOD. For through HIM, all things are possible and He is for ME! And, He is for YOU! Amen <3 Praise Him – All of Creation, Praise Him!

  3. God timing for me today, Ilena. Thanks. Since I often add mustard seeds to tomato-based soups and sauces, I discovered another aspect of faith that it shows. Mustard seeds roll and bounce!

  4. I enjoyed this essay, but it’s easy to mock those who &#g;762fora8e– for bone marrow/organic sprouts and ignore the more subtle suggestion that eating real food is good for us, and eating Fritos tagged with “healthy choices” is not.If “modern cavemen,” as silly and self-important as they are, get more people to stop eating themselves into diabetic bliss and to pick up some weights to prevent frailty, thus becoming stronger, more useful human beings, then this is good.

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