Once again my husband’s pay check came.  We were blessed in the fact that it was enough to pay SOME bills enough to keep them off our backs.  But there was no room for anything else.  This kills me because my five-year-old has been wanting to go to the lake since the summer has started.  It really only costs five dollars per car to get in.  But then, you have to factor in gas, food, and water for the day trip.

On my way home from grocery shopping, I was trying to map out our finances in a way to where we could actually go to the lake.  This trip was definitely needed for the whole family.  We all really needed some time in the sun for a little bit.  After mentally mapping out our finances, there just wasn’t enough money left to do it this weekend.  I accepted it and moved on.  I was not about to get upset or depressed because we couldn’t go do what I wanted to do.  I chose to praise God for what He has done for us now and what He will do for us tomorrow, the next day, and there after.

I’m in the house on the phone when my mail lady beeps her horn outside.  She gets out and hands me this envelope.  It’s addressed to me but, there is no return address on it.  Of coarse, curiosity gets me every time, I just couldn’t wait to open it….So….I DIDN’T!  While talking to my mail lady, I open up the envelope to find a card.  In the card was a gift card.  Inside the card was written the following:

“Hope this helps you and your family.

                    Be blessed!”

So, this envelope did not have a return address and the card was not signed either.  Also, there was no receipt showing the balance of the gift card.  After a few minutes, I called the number to check the balance expecting to hear a balance of maybe twenty-five or fifty dollars.  BOY! WAS I WRONG!

After dialing the number and following the instructions, I hear the following:

“The remaining balance on this gift card is FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.”  Immediately after hearing this I quickly hang up the phone!  I got so excited, I gave myself a headache!  At this point, I just need to lay down for a little while.

After waking up from my nap, I decide to call the gift card again.  Maybe I misunderstood?  Maybe I was wrong?  NOPE!  Somebody actually sent me a five hundred dollar gift card!  So now, yes we can take that day trip to the lake and get some things for the house as well!

You see, God knew how bad I wanted this family trip.  He also knew that I felt bad because my five-year-old is on summer vacation and we have not been able to do anything because we are so financially strapped.  So God put something in the works and abundantly blessed us.  He put it on someone’s heart to do this.  I am truly thankful what whomever sent me this card, allowed God to use them.

As I have stated in past stories, God knows and hears us.  So keep praying! Keep talking to Him!  Don’t give up!  Trust me! I am speaking from personal experience!

Psalm 37:5(ESV)

Commit your way to the Lord;  trust in Him;  and He will act.