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On our way home from vacation we realized that we needed not one new tire but two new tires.  Of coarse, anyone who drives any kind of SUV knows that tires can be pretty pricey.  So I went online to find quotes and to no surprise the cheapest tire for my van was ninety-four dollars.  Unfortunately, after paying all the household bills, there wasn’t hardly anything left.  So I did as I always have which is thanked God in advance for safely getting my family and I to and from our daily destinations.  The van was feeling worse and worse as the days went but, all I could do at this point was to leave it in God’s hands.

So on August 23, 2016, my husband drove to the store in our van with the intent of getting at least one tire.  My mother-in-law, whom was helping us could only afford one tire since they are roughly after taxes about a hundred dollars.  Naturally, I am thankful for just that!  At this point, safety was starting to be a major concern.

Well my husband gets to the store and tells the lady behind the counter what size tire he needed.  He also informed her that he needed the cheapest tire they have.  So she proceeds to look in the system to see what they have in stock.  This is where it gets good my friends! I promise! Just stay with me….

The lady informs my husband that she has only two tires left in the particular size we needed.  Now, guess how much those tires were! Go ahead, take a wild guess!  Did you take a guess?  Well I’m about to tell you! Are you ready for this?  Drum roll please!!!

The last two tires she had in stock with the EXACT size we needed were FIFTY DOLLARS EACH! Yup! Go ahead and say it! WOW! RIGHT?!  Man!  When my husband called and told me the news my jaw LITTERALY DROPPED guys! So we actually got the two tires we needed for half the price we were expecting!  God.  IS.  SO.  GOOD!  This is why I say yes God is good.  God is love.  God is unconditional.  God is all that and so much more.  But along with all that, He is PUNCTUAL!  God is never early nor is He never late.  He is……ALWAYS ON TIME!

My take away from this is the following:

It is my belief that due to the severity of the tires, something bad was about to happen.  So God, putting His hedge of protection around us, made it to where my husband went to the store at that particular time that he did.  To take it a bit further, God set those two tires aside for us!  So now I can once again get behind the wheel and feel safe.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this awesome story!

Luke 18:27(ESV)

But he said, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”



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  1. Debbie hennig

    So cool Ilena! Love seeing your faith grow as God shows himself to you! Love you Debbie

  2. Your articles are for when it absloutely, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

  3. In awe of that anwers! Really cool!

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