As I’ve stated before, I have five kids.  Their ages are: sixteen, six, three, and a set of one-year-old twins.  Well, Jeremiah(AKA Man Man), one of the twins is having a really difficult time teething.  On top of the teething, he’s also asthmatic.  So he’s just having a hard time all around.

One night, Jeremiah slept pretty much ten minutes on and ten minutes off.  At least that’s how if felt to my husband and I.  Many times through the night, he would wake up crying from pain or the fact that he was congested.  There’s not much my husband and I could do outside of what we have already done.  All we could really do was take turns holding and calming Man Man down.  My husband and I call it taking shifts. J  I find myself often praying for God to get us through this as quickly as possible because my husband and I are just exhausted!

Anyhow, the morning after the rough night with Jeremiah, I had to get up to take my three-year-old(Hurricane Isaac) to school.  After taking Isaac to class, I started heading back to my van.  I was struggling so hard to keep from falling asleep right there in the hallway guys! Trust me! It was a ROUGH NIGHT!  My face was about as pale as a piece of paper and the circles and bags under my eyes were ridiculous!

One of the ladies that works at the school saw me and asked me if I was okay.  Before I could even get the words out of my mouth, she said “You need a hug, come here.”  At this point I’m fighting the tears and just said “God is good.”  “This to shall pass.”  She agreed and encouraged me and then we went our separate ways.

God put this incredibly sweet, godly woman in my path not only to remind me that He’s here for me but, that little hug and word of encouragement gave me just enough energy to safely make it home.

Look, God is with you everywhere you go!  Do you think He just waits outside while we go to the grocery store, work, school, or where ever? NO! He’s literally right there by your side!  And in case we forget, He uses everything and everyone around us to remind us of just that!  God is with you and will always be with you.

If you look closely, you can see God everywhere….